It is not as though the tow industry is stagnant in its being and only offer to tow away a stricken vehicle.  There are a number of common services that most tow truck San Antonio provides the customers that vary and differ in difficulty and expertise.  At time it is the tow truck drive that provides a more suited solution to a problem that someone is having with the vehicle and brings to a conclusion successfully the situation.  At the end of the day it is just important that the car or vehicle is back on the road in quick time and if the tow truck driver could well help out why grudge him his due.

Simple services on offer by most tow truck San Antonio

            Flat tires: One of the most common reasons that a tow is requested is when a flat tire occurs on a car or a vehicle.  It could be that the spare is not serviceable or that like with most women drivers they just need a hand to get the car to the nearest workshop.  There are a number of tow truck drivers that would be glad to help out by replacing the flat tire with the spare in case the spare is in a good condition.

Often with the case of the new types of tires found on modern cars and vehicles it is not so simple to attempt a repair on them.  In such cases it is best that someone in the know handle the matter and a tow truck driver could well be the very first person with the right know how to be at the scene of the broken down car.

Empty gas tank: This is a common scenario on those long winding roads that sort of lead nowhere.  Most drivers deeply engrossed in the drive would at times miss out on a filling point.  This happens even with the latest cars and vehicles that are equipped with the most up to date warning systems and stuff.

This could be a probable reason that a seasoned tow truck driver keeps a few gallons of petrol at the back of the tow truck in a carry can.  Thus it would be a very convenient way to make a refill to the vehicle in question.

Dead batteries: People often consider a vehicle battery being something that is meant to last a life time.  Far from it, most batteries typically last a short time in their peak condition and it is the wise car owner that replaces the battery at regular intervals no matter how well used it might turn out to be.  The simplest solution to a dead battery is to give the vehicle a tow to the nearest garage where the battery can be given a quick boost to get the vehicle moving till the nearest town or city that the car is headed for.  Most tow truck drivers are capable of assessing the exact condition of a battery and give a fair enough assessment as to the best further course of action to take.